Generated almost $250,000 for the Center

The Center gained greatly from the knowledge and experience of Mr. Clark and those in his firm with corporate, human resources, not-for-profit, and tax law. When he learned that we were unaware of the potential benefits that we could obtain from the Virginia Rehabilitation Tax Credit program, he and his firm led the effort that generated almost $250,000 for the Center. The firm also helped us with a range of banking, by-law, and regulatory reporting issues.
- - Fred Morefield, President of the George C. Marshall International Center, Inc. (Dodona Manor).

Supremely Knowledgeable

Supremely knowledgeable yet never condescending, it is clear they genuinely care about providing their clients with the sophisticated guidance needed in today's continually evolving and complex business environments. We proudly recommend Clark & Associates.
- Stephen Mackey, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Mesh Multimedia, LLC, and Co-Founder and President, Notaviva Vineyards, LLC.

Really Stand Out

I don’t consider myself an authority on what makes a good lawyer, but I work alongside attorneys in this area often. In my opinion, you really stand out. I will be happy to recommend you to my clients.
- - Ashley Sonneville, Commercial Real Estate Advisor, Sperry Van Ness-Vaaler Real Estate.

Easily Accessible

Rory is easily accessible, always friendly, calm under pressure, and a steady source for sound judgment. He possesses a unique combination of legal skill, ability to communicate, and an understanding of how business operates that make him a valuable asset to any business seeking counsel.
- - B.S., VP & CFO, publicly-traded software company