Our litigation lawyers have the broad range of experience consistent with that found in large, national firms, while retaining the responsiveness and sensitivity to client needs associated with smaller firms. We understand that clients generally see litigation as a last resort, and that litigation is often interwoven with collateral business issues. When litigation is necessary, we represent our clients’ interests aggressively. We prepare every case for trial while simultaneously pursuing settlement when that option is reasonable.  Our primary goal is to protect our clients’ business interests.

Litigation Prevention

The litigation attorneys at The Clark Law Firm share the business perspective of our clients that, fundamentally, the favored approach to litigation is prevention. Accordingly, our litigation and transactional attorneys regularly work together on matters such as:

We do all this with the aim of ensuring that the implications of recent court decisions are understood, and that the potential for litigation is minimized.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") techniques, such as arbitration and mediation, have been increasingly pursued to secure satisfactory results in a more efficient manner than those resulting from trials. The choice to litigate or utilize ADR has substantial consequences. With this in mind, our lawyers advise clients of the appropriate alternatives to resolve their disputes. We are experienced in representing clients in whichever process they select.

Whether your litigation needs are immediate and ongoing, or you would like counsel to avoid as much litigation risk as possible, contact the litigation attorneys online or by calling (703) 443-0001.