With the advent of Sarbanes-Oxley and the post-Enron scrutiny of all corporations, the standards of corporate governance have been raised. For directors and board members of nonprofits, no longer is it sufficient to simply understand the mission of your organization. To exist and thrive in the world of for-profit organizations, your non-profit needs to use the same sophisticated business strategies. On governance and tax questions alone, you need expert advice and counsel. Our non-profit lawyers can provide you with the experience and legal knowledge that you need to compete in today’s business world.

Many board members and directors of non-profits, lack the practical business experience they need to help guide their non-profit in fulfilling the mission their organization was founded to provide. We can help; our non-profit lawyers can provide the necessary background you need to understand organizational matters, governance, strategic planning, finance and fundraising, and protection of tax exempt status your organization needs to survive.

Our non-profit attorneys can provide you with legal advice on the following:

  • Strategic Planning/Governance Issues
  • Advanced Business Planning
  • Maintaining Charitable/Tax-Exempt Status
  • Fund Raising and Capital Campaigns

Contact the non-profit attorneys at the law office of The Clark Law Firm at (703) 443-0001 or by filling out our online contact form to set up an appointment.